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Maldive Islands


Science in the Islands

More pictures from the Science Fair in Jalaluddin School

Experiencing the ecology of a river bed.  By the way,  the tiny islands of the Maldives have no rivers.  So, for most students this would have been the first three dimensional view of a river. 
When will the soap come out?

Students sharing a joke with guests at the fair, while explaining how soap is produced. 

This is a solar drier.  The students insist that it would dry things  faster than keeping out in the sun. 


Atoll Chief Mr. Ahmed Rasheed (third from left) was the chief guest.  Here he is learning the workings of a water plant.  Others in the picture are (from the right) Deputy Principal Saeed Ahmed, Senior Assistant Atoll Chief Abdul Raheem Ahmed, Regional Hospital Manager Ibrahim Waheed, Assistant Atoll Chief Abdullah Ali and some students.

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