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Maldive Islands


Surrounded by Jinnis


The Modern Maldivian does not think of him/herself as superstitious.   But the fact remains that like their ancestors over the bygone centuries, they too live in an environment they share with a host of jinnis and other spirits.  No one raises an eyebrow when the local football team hires a "fanditha man" to work hand in hand with the expensive coach hired from Rumania.  

The word "fanditha" comes from "pundit", the Sanskrit word for a priest.   This reflects the ancient origins of this form of exorcism.   Maldivians often take the help of fanditha men to care their illnesses, many of which they believe are due to 'bad' jinnis.   There are good jinnis too, who help fanditha men with their work.

Modernity has not really pushed away the fanditha men, as any football fan worth his salt will tell you.   They have as much faith in the fanditha men, if not more, than the coach.  At least they fare much better than the coach.   Most fanditha men work for two or more teams simultaneously on the sly.  So, whoever wins the fanditha men don't lose. 

Jinnis have a special affinity for flowers, particularly of the red color like this Gloriosa that blooms in the jungle

One thing we know for sure about jinnis is that they are not color blind.  They have a special love for red color. The large majority of jinnis sighted in the Maldives were wearing red  (Calvin Klein, please note).  They also love red flowers like the gloriosa.  But since flowers are not that common in the Maldives, they can't be that choosy.  So a lot them go instead for the white pandanus flowers, which in many islands may be the only significant flower available. 

Interested in this babe?  

If you come across a babe in the woods like this one, think twice before you propose.   She may actually be a jinni.  In the case of this particular  babe, the wings are a dead giveaway.  Normally you have to look for more subtle signs.  For example, it is said a jinni's feet does not touch the ground.  Please note, we are talking here about her feet, not yours.  We know you may be swept off your feet by a girl.  That does not make her a jinni!!