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Maldive Islands


Maldives and Cyber Terrorism


Cyber terrorism, the 21st century incarnation of an age-old menace, is threatening the Maldives like a dark cloud.   Though the neo terrorists use the latest in modern technology, their dark designs and malicious motives remain obsolete.  As in the past, what makes today’s terrorists tick is the same frustration at their inability to achieve their selfish ambitions through lawful means.    

What cyber terrorists do basically is to spread malicious propaganda—propaganda  that they fail to publish in conventional media.  Material that any self-respecting editor would immediately recognize as vicious lies and consign immediately to the trashcan. 

President with US Ambassador

Frankly speaking, it does not require an experienced editor to detect the inconsistencies and contradictions that the Maldivian brand of cyber terrorists are trying to dish out.  Witness the following samples from their propaganda material:

  1. On one hand they claim to be the upholders of Islam, on the other they refer you to websites that are critical of Islam.
  2. They claim to defend freedom of speech and democratic values.  But in the very next breath try to distort religion to justify  non-democratic means of subverting  a democratically elected popular government.
  3. They swear by computer technology and free flow of information.  But in the very next paragraph they criticize any entertainment program on TV Maldives.
  4. They claim to be progressive, but don’t see anything wrong in criticizing social programs for the youth such as “Sports for All”.
  5. They show sympathy for the residents of Male, but continue criticizing a program aimed at solving their housing problem.
  6. They talk against corruption, but don’t see any problem with taking funds from highly dubious sources for their evil plots.

President with US Ambassador

Thus it is very easy to see through their writings.  Between the lines, their real intentions stick out like a sore thumb.  They are after power at any cost.  For that if they have to subvert democracy, so be it.  If they have to collaborate with Christian missionaries, so be it.  If they have to distort Islam, so be it.

And God forbid, if they ever achieve their aims, what do they have in store for us? Here are some hints. See how they criticize TV, how they attack sports programs? Do you get the picture now? Yes, it is another Afghanistan they plan for us.