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Maldive Islands


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The Indian Connection

Our mission is to introduce the Maldives to the cyberworld

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Our Vision

According to written records of the Chola Dynasty of South India, the Chola king, Raja Raja I (985-1014 AD) captured a number of islands of the Maldives after a naval encounter during the late 10th or 11th century AD. The purpose of conquering the islands in the area was to bring the Indian Ocean sea-lanes under his control. The origin of the first settlers in the Maldives is unknown. However, it is certain that the islands have had continuous habitation for about 2500 years. Among these would be the first settlers and others who would have been forced to settle in the Maldives for various reasons. It is quite possible that people would have migrated to the Maldives from Southwest India. It is likely that the early settlers included members of fishing communities from that area. Names of some of the islands and some of the maritime terms used in Maldives are derived from the Dravidian language spoken by the people of that area. This connection with Southwest India can also be deduced from legendary folklore and traditions of the people.

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